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Saturday 21 September 2019
Cambridge, UK

How React.js has transformed comparison at

Jack Tomlinson Jack Tomlinson

Want to use React at your company but feel too invested in old tech? Then fear not this talk is for you.

We take a look at how React has transformed the way does comparison. Serving millions of customers a year, we explore why it’s not too late to start re-thinking the wheel.

During this talk we are going to cover how we completely reinvented our tech stack to harness the power of React. How we use it to allow our teams to develop at scale and with confidence. While also giving you a heads up on what you should be looking out for and how you can best prepare your teams for success.

So come along, sit back and let’s discuss how React has changed the landscape, one component at a time...

Here’s a few reviews from previous audience members: **

“A talk not to be missed..." (Dan Abramov)

“Simply spellbinding” (Rory Cellan-Jones - BBC technology correspondent)

“Another sensational talk, leaves you wanting to go away and write more components” (Kyle Matthews - Founder of Gatsby.js)

** I have 100% just made all these up, please don’t @ me. 💃