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Saturday 21 September 2019
Cambridge, UK

What’s Emotional Intelligence got to do with it?

Nokuthula Ndlovu Nokuthula Ndlovu

Throughout your career you have seen this, people with similar qualifications where success seems to come easily to one person whilst the other struggles up the career ladder. What makes some people "get along with everyone" whilst some of us struggle to make positive connections? Research has shown that besides IQ and personality, emotional Intelligence (EI) is the missing piece in trying to understand why where all things being equal some people have it easier than others.

Is it true that as far as emotional intelligence is concerned, you either have it or you don’t?

Not true, you can rewire your brain and supercharge your emotional intelligence levels, unlike IQ, which is constant from birth and cannot be changed, EI can be massively improved. In this session I will talk through what EI is and look at how you can improve your emotional intelligence and get over those invisible barriers to success in your relationships with people around you whether it’s at work, home or other areas in your life. I will focus on four components of emotional intelligence and give you some ideas on how to improve in these.

A lot of research has gone into the area of Emotional Intelligence in recent years but still a lot of people still do not realise how it can improve a big part of their everyday lives. Improving your EI will serve you well in your career, personal life and is applicable in a whole range of situations we find ourselves in each day. Come along for this session and learn a few things about how you can be smarter about your emotions.